2. The Weapons of War

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A fated hero stands between the galaxy and revenge served cold.

When Orion and the AlphaOmega team track down a missing scientist, they discover that weapons of planetary destruction have found their way into the wrong hands. Now a vycart warlord, thought long dead from the plague that wiped out his race, has returned to wreak havoc on the Galactic Union.

With help from his team, a scientist with a shattered memory, and powerful friends in the government, Orion sets out on a crusade to stop Typhus the Mad Thinker. He’s up against black hole bombs, annihilating particle beams, synthetic super soldiers and more, and as his investigation goes deeper, he discovers that Typhus has good reason for wanting to bring the Union to its knees. All the while he must contend with Typhus’ “children,” a foursome that comes down on Orion like the Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Friendships are tested as Orion lays it all on the line — his business, his name and his life — to protect billions of innocent lives. But every choice has a price, and every man has a breaking point.